A Day In the Life of Dudeman

Upon the untimely kidnapping and rescue of my employer, Thimber Slate, my haphazzardly put together party returned to the port city of Three Winds, only to find fire and destruction raining down from the sky, destroying the entire town, or so we assume. We travelled in a different direction, so as to avoid anymore entanglements. “Hhrrmmpphhh…drama,” thought the dwarf.

After a 2 1/2 day walk, we arrived at the dwarven (yay! good ale!) city of Dor Odir, where Thimber was to try and access funds to pay us for our service in the previous days. He is, after all, a good employer, and I, for one, was glad the rest of the party had stuck it through; for I felt partially responsible for their demise, since they acted upon my loyalty to Thimber in the first place. So there we were, a seemingly mismatched party of travellers: me, the barrell-chested rough yet not-so-rough red-headed dwarf who loved his ale(and blue chicks), a wee lad who doesn’t necessarily like to stare at people, he just freezes up in social awkwardness, a graceful elf who has a blue-ish sheen to her skin who seems to possess some kind of magical powers, and a mushy-gushy husband and wife team of street performers who can seeminly hold their own in combat.

But, as payment often goes, we were sidetracked before receiving our rewards from Thimber. I was called away from my barstool at the Irrate Elf Tavern thinking “son of an orc… can’t we just get paid?!” Little did I know what offer was to stand, and from the Dwarven Council of Elders, at that.

After assembling the party once again, we climbed the staircase into what appeared to be a room in the ceiling of the Council building, and were posed an offer of work. For 1,000 gp up front (each), we were to deliver Thimber to the town of West Crown to deliver word of the demise of Three Winds. Upon his safe delivery, we were to be paid 1,000 more gp each. It made all (?) of us eager to get the job done.

After a night’s rest, an ale or 2, and a prostitute’s services, I happily led the party out on a southbound route. After a full day’s travel, we camped, and for once had an uneventful night.



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